Advent[ures] in Incarnation [7] | Jesus Was a #Palestinian

Desert Transport

Born into occupation.
Killed by a corrupt state.

Growing in poverty
Troubling to the rich

Teller of wise tales
Lover of good meals

Accused of insurrection
Disregarded by the courts

Awkward for the powerful
Bain of the religious

Beaten by soliders
Denied justice
Left for dead
But never to be underestimated:

Jewish, not Israeli
Jesus was a Palestinian.


5 responses to “Advent[ures] in Incarnation [7] | Jesus Was a #Palestinian”

  1. Modern lefties use the Palestinians in the same way Marx used the working class. The Palestinians now, like the proletariat then, take the role of Christ in a crude re-inscription of the Christian narrative. They redeem everyone else by their holy martyrdom at the hands of the Jews (re-inscribed as ‘capitalists’ or ‘Israelis’). It’s anti-semitic, offensive and retarded. Have a nice day.

  2. Lynch, I wonder if you’ve been to Israel/Palestine? Perhaps you have. I have, a number of times, so this is not some fetish for Palestinian rights, these are friends – on both sides, working for peace. If it’s ‘retarded’ – a lovely turn of phrase which I’m sure disabled people will just love – then the UN is perhaps ‘retarded’ for the numerous resolutions it has passed deeming Israeli settlement activity, land grabbing and human rights abuses totally illegal under international law.

    Perhaps we need to reflect on the way much of the US fetishises Israel instead, supporting it blindly?

  3. fair enough – apologies.

  4. Lorna Jacobs

    But still antisemitic and offensive

  5. Go see for yourself Lorna. Be far better to have your own opinions here rather than regurgitating those of your heavily lobbied media/church.