Advent[ures] in Incarnation [3] | Advent Poem | Caesarean Sections



Caesarean Sections

The bitter old man stands
at the gates of the earth
waiting, watching,
guarding the only entrance
and exit to this citadel planet.
The babies file in
and the dead file out
and he watches them,
grimly keeping count.

He watches, he waits
he shivers to shake
tired cold from old limbs,
for he must stay awake
for the one they say
will attempt a salvation.

One eye is kept on the horizon,
on the distant reaches of the future
where-from surely his nemesis
will ride with armies
and demand entry:
the battle of the gates of the earth.

So heighten awareness
and tighten security
and all the while…
he does not notice the infant God
slipping in among the embryonic ranks
of those awaiting entry.

Become powerless
to slip the trap of the powerful.
A Trojan baby
now inside the citadel planet.
Waiting, hiding, growing,
evolving an inner salvation;
the original subversion.

© KB 2004

Originally published in The Complex Christ / Signs of Emergence


2 responses to “Advent[ures] in Incarnation [3] | Advent Poem | Caesarean Sections”

  1. This is beautiful (again!) I’ll read it to the family tonight when we open the next door of our Advent calendar. And we’ll talk, yet again, about the brilliant resistance inherent in the Incarnation. Thanks.

  2. This was my favorite poem in Signs of Emergence… one of my most quoted parts of that book. Thank you for reminding me of this… 🙂