Remembrance Day Poem | We Should F-ing Remember Them




Remembrance Day Poem

With our scalpels and injections,
We shall not grow old, as those that are left behind grow old
With our prozac and uppers, our sweetened memories and revisionist histories
Age shall not weary us, nor the years of war condemn
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We shall shuffle our devices and suckle on our screens
And in all probability, in our pursuit of our own interests…
We will not remember them.
We should.
We should fucking remember.

(c) KB 2009


2 responses to “Remembrance Day Poem | We Should F-ing Remember Them”

  1. acetate monkey

    Great. Thanks for breathing new life into a sometimes too familiar set of words.

  2. Marty Carney

    For the war to end all wars?
    How shall we remember them?
    Remember by waging peace to end all wars.
    Remember by sacrificing no one
    as they were brutally sacrificed.
    Remember the way of Jesus who ends all sacrifice
    making all things new.
    Remember them in that new world
    all wars ended.