New Book Unveiled : ‘Other: Loving Self, God and Neighbour in a World of Fractures’


It’s pretty much a year to the day since I began writing my new book, and I now that the contracts are all exchanged I thought it was time to pop the lid off and start getting the word out there.

Don’t go rushing to Amazon just yet – it’ll be on shelves in July next year. I’m thrilled that it will be published in the UK by Hodder and Stoughton. News of US and other regions as I get it.

Entitled ‘Other: Loving Self, God and Neighbour in a World of Fractures‘ the blurb in the publisher’s catalogue goes something like this:

Noisy neighbours, international terrorism, racism, teenage violence and religious fundamentalism… From the personal to the local to the international and theological, it is our failure to engage ‘the other’ that is at the heart of so many of the problems we face.

Beginning with Jesus’ instruction to love God, and love our neighbour as we love ourselves, and drawing in pirates, quantum physicists, Facebook, Satre, AA Milne, development practice, feasting and hospitality – all framed with dazzling theological insights and scattered with original poems – ‘Other’ explores how we might better engage the other within the Self, within God and within the worlds we inhabit.

Drawing on Brewin’s work in London as a Maths teacher, education writer, poet, father and theologian, this accessible and highly original work prompts us to reconsider the key question of ‘what kind of selves do we need to be in order to live in harmony with others?’

Well, you can’t believe everything you read, but I’m really excited about the manuscript, and think those of you who’ve enjoyed reading here will do too. You’ll obviously recognise some of the themes of the book from blog posts I’ve written here – so thanks to everyone out there who’s helped shape my thoughts over the year. Look forward to continuing to throw things around here as we approach publication.


3 responses to “New Book Unveiled : ‘Other: Loving Self, God and Neighbour in a World of Fractures’”

  1. hey, congratulations – looking forward to reading it…

  2. congrats! sounds very interesting and so I am too looking forward to reading it.

  3. Pirates? You never said you were interested in pirates!