Apple2:Tool.Shed:Heidegger on Technology : Tuesday 13th Oct


The 2nd Apple event is happening this coming Tuesday. You really should be there.

Apple is a Vaux production, a short series of conversations focused specifically on the interplay between theology and technology. This month we are really excited to have Alistair Duncan – an architect from IBM and member of The Garden in Brighton – bringing some thoughts about Heidegger’s later thoughts on tool-making.

Heidegger lived for much of his life in a simple hut up in the mountains – though he did later install electricity and modern plumbing – and if Apple 1 is anything to go by this promises to be a fascinating evening.

Part of the remit of Apple has been to break these conversations out into new and interesting places. So having been in the offices of a digital edit suite in Soho last month, on Tuesday we’re going be at Zeitgeist – London’s best German gastropub. The menu looks great. The beers abundant. And you can find it at 49 – 51 Black Prince Road, SE11 6AB

We’ll be there from 7:3opm. If you can’t be physically present, join in via Twitter by following appleTMP



2 responses to “Apple2:Tool.Shed:Heidegger on Technology : Tuesday 13th Oct”

  1. German? Really?

  2. I invite you to read my recently posted blog “The ‘Leap’” at It might clear a few things up for you, add to any confusion you may have, or you think you may not have any time to read it. Read it anyway, I think you will enjoy it. You will especially enjoy the reference to Hubert Dreyfus.