New Poem | Small Screen Communion



Small Screen Communion

iPod, phone
held close
and thumbed,
reflecting so dimly
on lichened branches
fingering the above,
are such small lights
on these paths
at night.

What possible guidance
could they offer?

Yet still
I look,
still we look,
so intently
at their ever-decreasing thinness
and ask of them
the same
as wafers
once gave.

© KB September 2009


2 responses to “New Poem | Small Screen Communion”

  1. Apologies for posting with something completely off topic (feel free to remove this from comments) but finding an email address for you seems impossible (or maybe thats the point?!)

    I make some animated parables for Jonny Baker/Jon Birch’s Proost endeavour. Enjoyed your talk on piracy at GB09 and congrats on winning the parable contest at Pete Rollins blog….if you’d be interested in composing a parable to be animated (like this on theme of pirates or anything else for Proost, I’d be very interested in collaborating with you. Look forward to hearing from you.