Apple 1 | i/object | This Thursday


Really excited that the a new Vaux production is getting off the ground this Thursday.

‘Apple’ is about two things: technology and theology. We make our tools, and our tools make us. As we head into this new-media networked age, we need to do some careful and radical thinking about the impact virtual presence and enhanced reality is going to have on our theologies. And Apple is setting out to cover some of that new ground.

I’m also really excited that Apple 1 is taking place at Salt, a media production facility in Soho. We’re trying to curate each event in a space that will frame our thinking, so this time our conversations will be amidst the mayhem of a working office, with wine and wifi onhand, and hopefully some live media streams. Future events could be anywhere: theatre, roadside cafe, gallery.

It’s an open invite, so spread the word and come down to Salt, 3rd Floor, 4 Golden Square, London W1F 9HT. Dead central. Easy access. From 7:30.

The evening is entitled ‘i/object – a presentation of devices by people, and people by devices.’ We’re asking people to bring their favourite device, or some representation of it, and we’ll get into how we relate to these machines, and what, if any, is the distance between us and them.

For those of you further afield, follow updates on or at the Apple site on

See you there. Vaux lives 😉


One response to “Apple 1 | i/object | This Thursday”

  1. Hi Kester, just wanted to say thanks for a great evening, not sure I agreed with everything I said, and would of liked to hear the bit about speech not being a technology, i think we got hung up on language, or maybe grammer. Am looking forward to the next one. Thanks for making the effort.