UK Election ‘in a few weeks’? | It was until…


Oh dear, things don’t get any better for this calamitous administration. Seems like he didn’t understand how Twitter works – replies are viewable by everyone.

The account is now deleted, and we can probably assume that date in the diary has been too. Oops.

HT ToryBear via DizzyThinks.


3 responses to “UK Election ‘in a few weeks’? | It was until…”

  1. Jonathan Hunt

    Whatever the provenance, it is hilarious.

  2. Nice to know the US doesn’t have a lock on politicans with air for brains.

    This does highlight the fact that social media networks aren’t private. I hate self-censorship but it’s amazing how these tools can so easy replicate high school if one isn’t careful. My favorite was a teacher who said she is careful what she posts on facebook as some of her students are her FB friends – but she saves her real private stuff for Twitter (a program that is about as public as all get out). My second funny bit had to be some Christian leaders bragging about getting wasted while on tour – that’s expected beahvior if one are real rock stars but at least here in the States, folks tend to want those who are selling spiritual stuff to be sober and zipped up.

    A number of NYC media outlets are in a tizzy over staff members tweeting re: firings, staff cutbacks, and other juicy gossip. Yes, these outlets are run by drunk squirrels and yes, it is helpful to know which news outlet lost all their street cred. But there’s a way to report on this off the record. I wonder how many folks are rendering themselves unhireable because their brains took a temporary vacation.

  3. Priceless!

    We’re all doomed…TH96