The Speaker is Ousted | The Criminals Sack the Police

Extraordinary few days in the UK parliament, culminating with the resignation of the Speaker this afternoon.

Seems to me that, while the Speaker must accept responsibility for failing to act in the right way once the expenses scandal came to light, the action of MPs ousting him is rather like criminals sacking the police for not telling them they were in the wrong.

Unbelievable arrogance from members of the house. The wrong man has gone.


6 responses to “The Speaker is Ousted | The Criminals Sack the Police”

  1. Jonathan Hunt

    Have to disagree. He is responsible for the whole debacle, he was the head of the whole rotten system. Had to go. But so do at least fifty MPs in my opinion.

  2. May be so, but I still feel it’s completely inappropriate for them to sanctimoniously get rid of him and bang on about how awful he’s handled the whole thing when they’re the very ones who’ve actually done the wrong.

  3. Its all a beautifully orchestrated ruse, read straight off the Downing St ‘Grid’

  4. Excellent link Nic. Advise everyone to follow it.

  5. Personally I think we’re all responsible for this recession, very few were throwing stones at greedy bankers when they were benefitting from fat profits on house sales.
    Anyway, on the subject of speaker Martin, yes he’s a scapegoat, but lest we forget, he’s had his own hand in the (not against the rules) till before now, what was it… £4000 on taxis to go shopping, and £1.5 mil to do up the speaker’s flat or something?
    Everybody go oink oink.