Soul Synaesthesia

Syn This month’s Believer documents a strange case from Hungary of audio-kinetic synaesthesia. The subject, whenever he hears certain words, ‘sees’ them as discrete and definite actions or gestures.

Colour synaesthesia is more common: sounds or numbers are seen as distinct colours, and some estimates reckon that around 1 in 23 experience it.

And I just wonder if some of us suffer some kind of soul-synaesthesia. All these sounds, words and senses kick off an involuntary response in the spirit that wonders why and how, and wanders, in wonder…

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2 responses to “Soul Synaesthesia”

  1. n0 d0uBt aB0ut that
    thanks for this nice reflection

  2. I am one of those people who always associates numbers and letters with their own distinct color. It helps me remember things. sometimes i can’t quite remember a phone number but i can remember the colors and it helps me remember what the number was.
    K to me is a super bright magenta color. B is a soft pink, for example.
    i met you once really briefly at soliton in ventura, ca last summer and we (briefly) talked about your book and about steven johnson’s books.
    sad to see you won’t be blogging right now, but i have enjoyed reading here and will look for your work in the future. thanks for all the interesting ideas and everything here. 🙂