Dear Boris…

It looks like you’re going to win.

One simple message, from a city that in the last 8 years has got greener, more tolerant, more vibrant and taken radical steps to improve public transport:





Please excuse my language, but this is a place I care about deeply, which is genuinely at risk from a racist, snobbish, reactionary buffoon who couldn’t run a solo silent retreat.

I’m off to Bristol to sulk.


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5 responses to “Dear Boris…”

  1. Amen to that sentiment!

  2. Tolerant!! We have the BNP in the GLA even if we have got rid of UKIP. About the only consolation I can draw from this horrible result is that when the BNP win a seat somewhere it usually serves to remind us all what an evil, useless and pitiful bunch they are.
    Let’s hope that Johnson’s role as the very public face of the Cameron brand will do a similar job for the tories!

  3. Sorry mate. Could this be the ultimate argument against the idea of the gradual evolution of the species so sought by the creationists – we seem be going the wrong way!

  4. As an American, the tragedy of inept leadership is something with which I’m all too well-acquainted… My condolences.

  5. Thought process:
    I’m going to the pub.
    I’m going to vote.
    I’m going back to the pub.
    “What I just did was really funny. I voted for that bafoon Boris.”
    I’m going to bed.
    My head hurts.
    He WON???!!?
    My deepest sympathy from the North!