Clinton Defaults to Conflict: This is Washington, not Hollywood



"One of the things that makes Mrs Clinton so psychologically fascinating is her tendency to portray everthing in terms of conflict and confrontation. And one of the characteristics that makes her so interesting politically is that she is a much better candidate when things are going badly than when they are going well." From BBC News.

This is precisely why I think you Americans should not vote for Clinton. When she says in an interview that she would completely destroy Iran if they attacked Israel, her rhetoric is getting dangerous. It is highly unwise politics to threaten another nation in order to win votes in your own.

The world does not need another US President who defaults to conflict. It’s fine in Hollywood: the victim finds their metal and fights back. It’s just not good enough if the White House is going to be a force for good.

"America deserves a President who doesn’t quit." Perhaps Hillary, but it also needs one who knows when stopping fighting is for the greater good.

Go vote Obama.



One response to “Clinton Defaults to Conflict: This is Washington, not Hollywood”

  1. agreed. it seems like Clinton’s fans love it when she starts talking about how she’s gonna kick some butt like Rocky. I think it’s childish. I’m not really excited about any of our choices, but at least Obama sounds like a grown-up.
    PS I met Adam Ferguson from Baker at Calvin College’s Festival for Faith and Writing last weekend and he talked me into getting your book. I’m excited about reading it!