Rollins’ New Book Gets Pulped. Ouch.

Poor old Pete – seems like some Fundie at the printers for his new book has taken exception to the title of his new book ‘The Fidelity of Betrayal‘, done some reworking, and sent it out to stores as ‘The Betrayal of Fidelity.’

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt sales.

Both copies have been pulped.


9 responses to “Rollins’ New Book Gets Pulped. Ouch.”

  1. Kester,
    Did you do that?

  2. teehee

  3. Poor ole Pete. It’s not as if his sites (net and org) are faring any better either. Someone out their must have his card marked… he he he.

  4. Nice bit of photoshopping Kester!

  5. Maybe it’s also the Fundies (or Kester incognito) who keep crashing Pete’s site. Have you noticed that his new site (or his blog at any rate) is down as much as it is up?

  6. april fools, correct? clever.

  7. ooooh – nice one!
    i’d prefer the “limited edition” ‘The Betrayal of Fidelity’ pwned version just to support mr rollins – can’t wait till this one is out!

  8. Oh u little trickster… Both copies pulped… the publishers must have doubled the print run!

  9. I got my review copy and durn it – I got a normal looking one. No fair. Giving my copy to Jonny when I see him tomorrow so he’ll have a copy.