Sort it out gays – stop destroying earth!

Pride The Telegraph reported recently that an Israeli MP has blamed the recent spate of earthquakes in the Middle East on gays. The Knesset has recently repealed various laws about homosexuality, and this created the siesmic events.

Gays were also to blame for flooding in Britain last year, according to one Bishop, and one might also argue that with their thrusting steel tubes penetrating and bringing down two of America’s largest twin erections, 9/11 was some sort of twisted stunt to highlight the destructive power of gay love, a judgement on liberal America, if you will.

So sort it out gay people – we don’t want more floods and earthquakes and terror attacks! Stop it!



3 responses to “Sort it out gays – stop destroying earth!”

  1. I blogged about the flooding comments last year and also just saw the Israeli minister’s comments.
    It’s an absurd notion that gays would be responsible for causing earthquakes and floods. It’s about as likely as people with brown eyes being responsible for crops failing or ginger haired people being responsible for tidal changes…

  2. But the only newspaper giving any real credance is the telegraph. Says it all really!

  3. maybe we should report them all to the met……they have cameras and phones too….could be terrorism alert here!!! ( see