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There’s a simple rule to follow if you want to make an ad about a car: make it total fantastical. Don’t mention traffic jams. Don’t mention the boredom of driving along motorways, the taxes and the emissions, the noise or anything else. Instead, make the car like a robot, or a dog. Make it jump between skyscrapers (I mean, who’d actually want to see what it’s really like driving in a big city?) or hurtle down mountain roads with no other traffic.

In short, when advertising a car, more than any other product, lie. Because we all know how crap driving really is, and all need some fantasy world dreamscape to picture when we get behind the wheel.

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One response to “Car Commercials | Fantasy”

  1. I was thinking about the longevity of cars. They can last for decades and sometimes only need a few fixes to keep going. And I assume newer cars could last even longer because they are built to higher specs. Of course we all have stories of nightmare cars and they are all money drains.
    But to keep consumers buying cars more frequently than they need to, cars need to be seen as fashion items and way more exciting than your 2 year old model!
    Also, this advert really wound me up today: