Sometimes Facebook Makes You Weep…


Poor thing!




5 responses to “Sometimes Facebook Makes You Weep…”

  1. i haven’t responded to this posting three times.
    what purpose does this post serve?
    it seems a little mean
    particularly from someone who is sitting there all happily married and surrounded by family.

  2. Apologies. I screwed up. Posted too hastily. It wasn’t meant frivolously; I thought the graphic was tragic in the proper sense… but I should have spent time providing context back to the other pieces I’d written about f/b, and the loneliness of the online world inherent in some of those thoughts. I’ll try to do better in future :-/

  3. Jenny Brown

    I liked this post.
    I’m single and the world of dating can be incredible depressing.
    But personally I find taking a step back every once in a while and smiling at the craziness of it is great therapy.
    I don’t mean to make fun of the situation but there are definitely times when it seems you are the only single person in the world so I just related to this.
    Hey – perhaps I’ll become member number 2…

  4. I echo Jenny’s comments – sometimes you wonder if you’re the only one left who’s single, even though you know you’re not. Though, I can’t see how these kind of groups on Facebook help. Or maybe that’s just me not taking advantage of them.
    I’ve been mulling over some of the previous postings on Facebook. Food for thought for sure.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts. I do think the image was tragic and comic… but I also think that the person behind it was lost, which is always an on-line danger. So I hope he/she does find someone, and that more people join the group, and then leave!
    Perhaps this might help too. Dating gets ‘scientific’.