‘Does Your Soul Have a Cold?’ | Wholphin | IFC Monday 9pm EDT


200710242320Out of the same stable as The Believer, Wholphin is a short-story mag for short films. They mailed me today about a great-looking film, showing on IFC this Monday at 9pm EDT. (I’d love someone to record it for me 😉 The spiel goes:

Back in 2000, western pharmaceutical companies began a massive marketing campaign to introduce a new product to the good people of Japan: depression. Before 2000, the good people of Japan apparently did not even have a word to describe sadness as a debilitating biological illness. So the companies had to coin a new word, “utsu,” and create an appropriately catchy ad slogan to help explain the concept. They chose the phrase, “Does Your Soul Have A Cold?” antidepressant sales have since quintupled.

Mike Mills (pictured), director of Thumbsucker, has made an incredibly intimate film documenting the human effects of America’s latest cultural export to Japan.

Catch the trailer here.


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