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Wise Traveller Logo For Web-1Just out is this set of three books of reflections, to which I contributed 8 or 9 pieces.

Nice thoughts for the journey to pop in and out of.

Here’s one I submitted for book titled ‘Loss


I want to change the fruits of my labours.

When someone says ‘Apple’,

I shouldn’t want sleek plastic and titanium,

but England’s Coxes,

heavy hung in dappled orchards.

When someone says ‘Orange’,

I don’t want to know about free minutes and the latest upgrades.

I want to think citrus thoughts;

the appeal of slowly peeling skin.

And when someone says ‘Blackberry’,

I don’t want my head to rush with virtual thoughts

of emails and deadlines and documents and settings

and schedules and coverage and battery life.

I want, instead, my tongue to rush with sweet sensation,

a bowl of fruits shared with friends.

A rug.

Open space and blue sky.

Lech Walesa came to the West and said:

“You have riches and freedom here,

but I feel no sense of faith or direction.

You have so many computers,

why don’t you use them in the search for love?”

Devices all sold to connect me.

When all I had to do was pick some fruit, and share it.

© KB 2007

Walesa’s quote is strangely prophetic, I think.

We’ve all heeded his advice in some way.


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One response to “Wise Traveller…”

  1. Dana Ames

    Definitely worth pondering.
    On another note, I went to this yesterday:
    My main purpose in going was to hear Bruce Cockburn play live… but there were plenty of other interesting things going on too. Heard a panel discussion on how people are actually working to help local governments implement policy for a post-petroleum world. This gentleman
    spoke, among other things, about how a “think global/act local” mindset would encourage the return of a gift economy…