The Human Dress | Signs Launch

BlakeearthwebThanks to everyone who helped out to give Signs a fantastic launch last night. It was great to phrase it as a time of worship; the guys from the Bridge imagined different sections in terms of doing laundry. Out of that I wrote this piece, meditating on ‘the human dress’, beginning with a quote from Blake.

“Mercy has a human heart

Pity, a human face:

And Love, the human form divine,

And Peace, the human dress.”

One piece of divine fabric,

Unblemished, woven without defect

Knit together in a girl’s womb,

Perfectly fitting this human frame,

Was stitched up, and stretched out

And torn.

Die! said the soldiers,

And they took one and rolled,

They were mistaken,

And we have bought into their mistake.

This cloth was not for sale,

But offered as a free gift.

Taut, pierced, this pelt collapsed around a broken frame,

Pinned out and exhausted, it’s colour drained,

While, in the Temple, another fabric tore top to bottom.

And the weaver escaped

With thoughts for a new design

Hued with mercy,

And lined with love,

Shrouded in mystery.


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3 responses to “The Human Dress | Signs Launch”

  1. Hey Kester!
    Your book arrived today. Can’t wait to jump into it. I’ll write a review on my blog when I’ve finished it.
    Thanks for the work you put into “Signs of Emergence.”

  2. Hard to beleive that the same guy who penned this gem also posted the WORST emerging church video ever to grace the pages of You Tube.

  3. what’s this? I mean, other than satin rolling off your tongue…really, I am hoping to see the quote from Walt Whitman that you put on the launch video.
    Here’s to discussing theology over Limoncello in Italy!