Violence in the Movies



Gun2So, I have just ducked out of the fine weather – lovely Ventura sunshine and cool ocean breeze – to see The Bourne Ultimatum with Dr’s Huggins and Rolly-mo.

The Great Huggster describes himself as a film buff. Which, I think, means he watches films in the buff. As if this information isn’t violence enough to our consciousness, the film was very violent.

But that’s OK because, as Peter Rolly-Mo has it, this was politically sensitive violence. And ‘we’re all dead anyway’. His middle name isn’t Jason for nothing. In our identity-fluid times, this sort of violent entertainment can actually sensitize us to the world’s problems. Who are we? Why are guns with video cameras just so alluring? Why does the guy never seem to get more than only a little bit hurt?

With the hand-held camera work it was hard to tell. And apparently it’s not the end of the series. Which worries me. What worries me more is having to spend 4 more days with these Irish nychtophiliacs. Like the Belfast drama group they are both associated with, they love the dark. Help.




5 responses to “Violence in the Movies”

  1. i just, 5 minutes ago, bumped into matt damon in the laneway across the road from my office… well, his security guard, anyway. matt’s in a protective PR bubble.

  2. Kester – I have a few friends in the area – Call if it gets too bad and I can find you some goofier buds.

  3. …and a Googlewhack for “nychtophiliacs” – nice! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Hey – I am so pleased you found that out! Very excited about that. My first ever ๐Ÿ˜‰