Your Digital Carbon Footprint


ServersIt’s obviously rich of me talking about this, flying as I am to LA on Monday, but it’s an often over-looked fact that the net runs on servers, and servers draw power. Nic mentioned the other day that a simple calculation of the server power-draw for Second Life, divided by the average number of users online at any one time, gives the incredible fact that Second Life avatars use more CO2 than an average Brazilian (or should I say, person in Brazil ;-). Another great reason for never going back there.

So when do Typepad release a ‘Green Tariff’, which allows you to ensure your power-draw is coming from renewables?

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One response to “Your Digital Carbon Footprint”

  1. My host is green. Although I find it hard to believe that “We are not currently able to actually power our servers with the wind or the sun” in the environmentally-friendly state of CA, given that my electricity in yee-ha-environment-what? Texas is completely from wind power (although maybe this has to do with the amount of windmills in the mostly barren west Texas hills).