Salvaged Faith ¦ Baptized in Arial Black ¦ RS Exam Bloomers

We’ve been having school examinations the past week. I had to mark a bunch of scripts (the kids are 11/12 years old) of an RS paper on Christianity. Some of the answers were just priceless:


In a series of questions on parts of a church – what is an altar, what is a pulpit…

What is a font?

“I’m not sure what font they wrote the Bible in, but I reckon it was probably Times New Roman or Arial Black or something.”

Genius. Though the cynical francophone atheist might have prefered ‘Comic Sans’ 😉


What is the Salvation Army?

“The Salvation Army are a bunch of people who salvage Christians.”

I think this is going to be a key emerging market! Anyone think their faith needs salvaging? Not sure how much I’d get for mine…



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One response to “Salvaged Faith ¦ Baptized in Arial Black ¦ RS Exam Bloomers”

  1. julie

    this made me laugh a lot !!!….thank you….