Alpha TV Ad to go out during Big Brother…

It’s actually rather nice.


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6 responses to “Alpha TV Ad to go out during Big Brother…”

  1. Thanks for bringing my attention to this video. Humorous, abrupt and effective. Thanks!

  2. So much better than the normal “Christian” advertising I’ve seen.

  3. Actually, I’ve had a few further thoughts while asleep on this… And realised that when I wrote ‘nice’, that is perhaps what this is… and too much so at that.
    The strap-line is ‘surely there’s more to life than this?’ – and I just wonder if many people will say ‘damn right there is’. The add is about a successful straight couple. With no divorce, or crime, or struggles to have kids, or loneliness, or illness. And while this may fit the Kensington profile well, for most of the country it’s just a fantasy land that bears no relation to the tougher reality. Which may impact on the effectiveness of the add…
    Hmmm… going to be interesting to see how it’s taken.

  4. certainly better style than their awful previous efforts – but that underlying sense of a life lived without hazard or disasters remains – although at least the people here are not the stunning models of the previous ads.
    One suggestion is they definitely need to rethink their logo its looks sooo tired. and thats without getting onto the Alpha course itself 😉

  5. Dana Ames

    It may not be reality, but it looks like “everyone’s dream”- it’s the unspoken values we have.