Watch out TSK – Your WiFi Crawls Could Land You in Jail

Wireless CopyHow ridiculous is this? Two people arrested and cautioned for ‘stealing’ wifi. I can’t believe the Police actually wasted time on this to be honest.

Andrew Jones should watch out – his crawls for WiFI are legendary, and have even prompted him to call for software to help 😉

Moral: don’t be a dumb-ass. If you’ve got WiFi and you don’t want people to steal it, activate some WEP.


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2 responses to “Watch out TSK – Your WiFi Crawls Could Land You in Jail”

  1. i know i know
    but kes, did you know your liable for the illeagal actions of those who use your wifi
    they say that if they trace illeagal action back to your wifi source its your door they will knock down, your computer they impound.
    should tell you how im accessing your site just now.

  2. Precisely – which is even more reason to protect it! If you leave your car door open with the keys in… You could still be a crime, but you have to carry some blame!