Doing Themselves No Favours | Where is Non-Violent Resistance in Palestine Going to Come From?

We have been supporters of the Palestinian cause for a long time. It’s a simple matter of justice: a people need a viable state, and protection from an under-the-radar occupation that is clearly illegal under UN law.

Poverty is extreme, unemployment sky-high, human rights violated on a day to day basis. Having been there, I can understand why people have turned to violence in pursuit of their cause. When Israel is funded to the tune of billions of dollars, and virtually given a carte-blanche to ignore UN resolutions, it can seem impossibly hopeless. And hopelessness causes human beings to fall, like trapped animals, into sub-human behaviour.

Even so, the kidnap of Alan Johnston, and the recent reports of his murder, leave me not only utter disgusted, but hugely frustrated at the plight of the Palestinians once again being blighted by the foolishness of one group or another. They are doing nobody any favours keeping captive – or worse – a man who has faithfully and truthfully reported their horrific situation.

One can only pray that the reports turn out to be unfounded and, beyond that, that a Palestinian movement of non-violent resistance will find it’s MLK or Gandhi.


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2 responses to “Doing Themselves No Favours | Where is Non-Violent Resistance in Palestine Going to Come From?”

  1. I agree with what you’ve written. I really feel for the Palestinian people, and we too support them. I know that Israel is the “holy land”, but as a Christian I am not someone who can support Israel and ignore the Palestian situation. The Palestinians are people who deserve to be treated as people, and not have their rights violated. They should be given their own state. I guess it’s easy for the powers that be to turn a blind eye when it suits them though 🙁 Like you wrote though, they haven’t done themselves any favours by keeping a captive.

  2. It is very unpopular in my circles to be critical of Israel. I hear romanticizing of biblical text that takes literally the warnings of prophets. As if God is only for one side. Does he not entreat Israel to feed the orphan and free the captive?
    Faithful people are dying everywhere for what they believe in. Could it be they are the collective MLK and starving Gandhi? But our time is marked by hyper-texting. We are inundated with issue after issue and peace for one is quickly diluted by the injustice of another. I think the Christian, taking into account all the misnomers attached to the title, must simplify their cause and their word. MLK and Gandhi solidified their abundance of knowledge to be concentrated to one thing.
    What is your one thing, Kester? 😉