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There are a couple of book projects I’ve got on the go at the moment. ‘Signs of Emergence’ is coming out in July, and there’s been some work to do on getting final edits and, more dirtily, getting endorsements. And I’m still in a rolling process of re-drafting and sending out to agents a novel I finished at Christmas.

It’s the same task with both: asking people if they’d be kind enough to read something and give some feedback, write a review, or a cheque 😉

Spiritual Failing part a: I get frustrated when my pearls aren’t turned around by busy people and sent back to me with gushing plaudits within the day. I’m sure most good Christian writers wouldn’t suffer from it, but I’m a sucker for appreciation.

200703252229But that’s internal affairs. Hypocrisy is worse. A couple of months ago I was asked to do the very same for someone else: read Frank Viola’s new book and blog about it. I agreed. And I just haven’t been able to read it. There are excuses I’m sure: babies, work, deadlines, a huge backlog of reading I want to find time for. But I’m less than forgiving about those in the other direction, so shouldn’t throw them up this way.

That’s the problem: I’m a hypocrite. Which means you shouldn’t trust me when I say that it’s a great book and you should go and read it.

Trust Andrew Jones instead. He has. And he rates it, and everything else Frank has written. So please do.

Sorry Frank.


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