Web 2.0 Banking | Put Your Money Where Your Mouse Is

ZopaTaking ‘Social Networking’ and web trust networks to a whole new level Zopa is a platform for investors and borrowers to get together, totally by-passing the main-stream banking networks.

You can invest a small amount each month by direct debit, or a larger lump sum. By spreading your investment around they minimize the risk of no return, and actually speculate very good rates of return.

Why invest here? Because this is about your money helping to get projects off the ground that the High Street Banks won’t touch. And because it’s effectively peer-to-peer you can track exactly what your money is doing. Faceless finance this isn’t.

The church has a good history of setting up local Credit Unions to help those with little access to mainstream financial services. I wonder if the Zopa concept could be the Credit Union for the Emerging generation?


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