Soliton II

Prodigal SonThe Celtic Soliton Sessions have just finished. Some great times, as ever.

Reflections? Thoughts? Conclusions?

There’s a Chinese proverb I quote at the beginning of Signs… which says:

‘The fish-trap exists because of the fish.

Once you’ve got the fish, the trap can be forgotten.

Words exist because of meaning.

Once you’ve got the meaning, the words can be forgotten.’

It was a wonderful time of conversation. But with a sense that the time for conversation is drawing to a close, with a time for gently increasing action, just getting on with it, coming.

I was talking to Andrew Jones about this in connection with blogging… Sometimes it feels like a lot of people standing in a room all shouting at once. Everyone posting. No one listening, reflecting, commenting…

I’ll speak personally: I want more doing, and less frothy talk about doing. I hope I can be faithful to that. There’ll be some updates on what that might mean practically soon I hope.

Thanks to Jonny for helping us to reflect so beautifully on this Rembrandt picture.

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3 responses to “Soliton II”

  1. Kester – what can I say, I’ll never be able to look at this picture in the same way again!

  2. I know that feeling about wondering how the transition from conversation to action works. I look forward to your thoughts…

  3. Thanks for saying this Kester. It was my first Soliton, and it was good to be with some valued friends. But where was the sustained conversation about dangerous living. Certainly the place was ‘dangerous’, and individuals are living with the taste of danger, but as communities of people?