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We have official lift-off.

Thanks for landing at the Signs of Emergence blog, and Happy New Year. If you’ve arrived from my previous blog over at The Complex Christ, then please adjust any links you have; I won’t be checking that too often, and won’t be writing there any more. Why change blogs? Well I got tired of the old site, and thought the publication of The Complex Christ as Signs of Emergence in the US was as good a time as any to switch. The book is being released by Emersion – an excellent new line of titles springing out of a collaboration between Emergent and Baker Books.

Blogging is an evolving medium, and here, in my second stab at designing a site, I’ve tried to clean things up a bit. You won’t find masses of further information or reels of links to other blogs or sites on this page. Instead I’ve created a separate Links Page where I’ll be collating that sort of stuff. Doubtless that’ll screw rankings on Technorati etc., but, as James Bond says, ‘do I look like I give a damn!’ It’s time to get beyond stats…

On that page you’ll also find a digest of the latest pages of interest I’ve tagged over at Rather than posting here about every article of interest, be that theological or sociological or technological, I’ll be tagging them at You’ll also find links to series of blog posts I’ve written, plus articles and a sample chapter of the book to download.

Finally, I’ve created an Amazon e-Store on the site too – one for the US and Canada, and one for Europe. You’ll be able to buy the book direct from there when it comes out in July 2007, but there are also links to other books I mention or think are relevant. Have a browse round.

So welcome back to both the people who read the other blog regularly, and those who have just arrived. I look forward to journeying and conversing together…



4 responses to “Launch//Welcome//Notes of Guidance”

  1. Congrats on the launch. Looks great. One question: your Amazon store for the US & Canada seems to be for I have have missed something (so feel free to correct me), but Canadians are more likely to order from Not sure if it is worth changing anything, just thought I would mention it.

  2. Apologies – more haste, less speed needed!
    Rectified now… separate store for you fine Canadians added!

  3. Dana Ames

    Hi Kester-
    Hope your year is filled with good things. Thanks for “staying public”, even if on a different blog-

  4. LOVE the symbols in the bottom right of the header man…brought a huge smile to my face. good to catch up with you this morning.