Advent Calendar

Ryan got me thinking about numbers this morning, and the countdown that is Advent.

Advent Calendar

Cardboard windows and gold numbers;

A candle burning down digits while cash flows

Like chocolate and pies and rivers and drink.

I’ve been counting the cost of Christmas,

working out what’s been taken away;

occupied Palestine and tinsel banned,

Fatwas, obese Santas, drunk bishops;

it seems divisions have been multiplied.

Guns blaze; 3, 4, 5 prostitutes lie dead.

Fractions of God and sex and virgins,

Tough equations requiring complex solutions.

It is Advent.

Wait until I count to 25,

And I’m left with only this remainder:

One + Infinity giving birth to one become naught,

To raise us to the power of love.

© KB1206

19 days…


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