One Day in History | “A Day of No Particular Significance”

Britain-1History Matters, along with the National Trust and a bunch of other UK organizations have put together ‘One Day in History’.

The idea is simple: on October 17th you log on to the History Matters Website and upload your ‘blog’ diary of that day. These mass entries will then be collated and kept as a permanent record in the British Library of a snap-shot of an ordinary day in the UK in 2006. Why Tuesday October 17th? For no reason. It is ‘a day of no particular significance’. Why do it? Because history matters. And this is one way in which the distributed nature of the web can be harnessed, and it’s temporal nature bypassed. These ‘Mass Observations’ have been collected in the UK since 1937 (and are currently archived at the University of Surrey) , but this is a unique way of taking them to a totally new dimension.

Pepys will be rejoicing…

Sign up now.

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3 responses to “One Day in History | “A Day of No Particular Significance””

  1. ‘No particular significance?’ October 17th is the World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty, first commemorated in 1987 and officially recognised by the United Nations in 1992. Our Church Action on Poverty group are planning an event to mark it. So no surprises for predicting what I’ll be blogging about….

  2. i like that idea. the concept of capturing a moment in time from many different voices

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