41949774 Qanatoys Afp203BBack from a great break… Great times in the Italian sun, arguing about football over good food and drink. And an amazing week in Cornwall, just to prove that the UK has it all too: incredible beaches, weather and… pasties.

But there was always a tinge of sadness. Like Jonny the Middle East has really been getting me down. It’s all that’s wrong with religion and politics. The poor suffer, the verbals continue to drop like the missiles, the vulnerable die and the rich fly home.

I’m reminded of Jesus’ invitation for anyone without sin to cast the first stone… So many have been cast on all sides, and none are justified. Yet I can’t get away from the fact that Israel is being totally disproportionate. Like a once-hurt kid with their bigger, badder brother now by their side, they kick hard. 1000 times harder, in terms of pounds-of-explosives ratios. And turn and spin and project their enemies as mad terrorists.

This is the true fall-out of 9/11: name your enemy a terrorist and the rules are suspended. No ceasefire. It’s the new game. Invented by the coalition. It stinks. And everyone’s playing it.


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