How many EC Bloggers Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

In the great tradition of such things, I propose:

1 To change the bulb and post about it

315 To lurk around and make no comment

2 To propose a stack of tags the poster should have put in

16 To complain he should have used categories

4 To flag up a conference on nu-media emerging bulb ministries “The LED Shines in the 80% Greyscale-ness” in Ukraine.

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19 To point out that if the poster had bought an iBulb then he wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

4 To point out that it’s ‘Lightbulb’, not ‘Light Bulb’

7 To have go at those 4 for being so pathetic.

2 To come back and say they’ve had to pull out of the Ukraine conference, and the other 2 to post some blurred photos of a bunch of guys drinking beer in a dark room, Apple logos just visible in the shadows. Plus an inaudible podcast of the session they did.

5 To complain that the poster’s definition of ‘broken’ was just liberal nonsense in the first place, and if they had only stuck to the One True Light, which is perfectly clearly explained in the Gospels then all talk of change would be irrelevant.

34 To retort that all talk of ‘light’ and ‘dark’ is just relative, and purely down to the culture, context and personal experience.

15 Fundies to rock in suggesting that the bulb was never broken, but rather the power had been switched off as punishment for their straying from the one true source.

2 Aging alt.worshippers to suggest they used tea-lights instead.

18 To weigh in with quotes from Derrida, Baumann and McLuhan and discuss the essential duality of light.

1 To raise the point that Don Carson hasn’t needed ‘artificial light’ for many years, and refutes all physics suggesting light displays dualistic properties.

3 To complain of the lack of ethnic women changing light bulbs these days.

5 To raise the issue of ‘wireless bulbs’ that need no power source and can be used in Scooter Cafe.

2 To reflect on this as a model for mission, taking our wireless bulbs out into the dark world.

4 To continue this theme, but argue that the bulbs aren’t really wireless, but part of a complex, distributed network of light sources of many different sorts, which interact in loose communal ways and that’s what we call church now.

1 To write a huge long, rambling diatribe about the issue of light, how they suffered light deprivation as a child and are now trying to work this out in a small group in Andover, and completely kill the discussion, just leaving…

15 Online pharmacies, porn sites and penny-share stock companies to leave Trackbacks.


11 responses to “How many EC Bloggers Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?”

  1. Dana Ames


  2. Too funny! Great post.

  3. lightbulbs ? let’s look at the socket, kester, and reimagine the core need for light.

  4. So its not just me who gets porn site trackbacks? I knew it!

  5. One more laughing hard…

  6. One more to pile on late and thank you for the good laugh! Blessings, -bill

  7. light?
    what light?

  8. Nice!
    However, you forgot the blogger moaning about their spam, and the 1 person to tell them how to turn word verification on.

  9. damnflandrz

    NVG. A brother don’t leave home without his NVG. So who needs bulbs?
    If plant a lightbulb, 1. do the worm see better and 2. will the result be a light tree, vine or bush? Perhaps it’s what Moses saw?
    Burn Bush? Well, if you insist… get yo NVG and AKs homies we off ta DC.

  10. And 1 to comment on how nobody should try and adopt this method of changing a light bulb because it is totally contextual to their community and would lose all of its authenticity if it was imported.

  11. There is a light bulb joke for every tye of person in society, and it’s about bloody time EC bloggers got their comeuppance! Brilliant!