I Might Be Wrong

Ever get racked with doubts? Just want to call the whole thing off, write the last post, become a labourer on a building site, or something simple, and never think again, just watch soaps and drink too much and love Christmas and keep upgrading my phone and blow the whole lot on a HD ready plasma?


But it’s doubtless best to keep it quiet. Write in white; only the RSSers will know. And lurkers will have to wipe their mice before they see, and leave. With no comment.


17 responses to “I Might Be Wrong”

  1. Me too Kester, all the time…

  2. beautiful post. cheers to plasma screens, enjoying christmas and good beer!

  3. …frequently… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. All the time!

  5. you’ve convinved me, i’m packing it all in…

  6. Steve

    OK, so I left a comment, what is wrong with lurking. Oh no I now feel like Gollum, you know. Sam – What you been doing!, Gollum – “Sneaking”.

  7. About once a day.



  9. lurking again, really should learn to play well with others.

  10. [hum comments seem to be broken, or at least get out of sync if somebody leaves the comment box blank]

  11. my mantra: all i know is not enough, and much of what i know is wrong…




    To be honest Krusty, I’ll take a bit of both worlds, if I may.
    I’ll have a fucking big television, with the soaps of the info-ramas, and I’ll take th mind-numbing job and a phone upgrade… and still attempt to subvert the very culture I, quite honestly, belong to/aspire to/underachieve in.
    Does that make me a hypocrite or “organic”?
    If “hypocrisy is the greatest luxury” it is probably also an organic inevitability.
    I guess it’s a grace thing.
    But to be honest, your blog doesn’t look much better on my Plasma screen… perhaps I’ll upgrade my phone to a PDA and troll it from that!

  14. As an RSS lurker I’m not quite sure what box I fit into.
    I’d rather pack it all in and work in a kitchen.

  15. …frequently, Kester. And thanks for posting this. It feels a bit like permission to feel this way. Which I need right now…