SimaroMy brother in law, Simon, and his partner Maro are going to be heading out  with VSO shortly. They’ve started a blog which I’ve added to my sidebar, and I thoroughly recommend passing by there.

The strap-line they’ve come up with is ‘Bringing Global Justice Home’ and what I really like about what they’re doing is, as usual with me, to do with interconnection. This isn’t just about going to some far-flung place to help out. It’s about connecting that with places back here too – starting with Edinburgh, where they met and lived. True justice is always about these interconnects. It’s not just about helping the victims, nor just about exposing the violators, nor judging the violations, but about helping people to better mutual understanding, whichever side of the divide they are on.

They, like VSO, could always do with our support. So if you feel like giving to support something really good, thoroughly global and thoroughly local, give their ‘support’ link a click too.

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