Carpenter from Nazareth Needs Joiners


Contender for worst Christian sign ever.

In case you’ve been wondering, it’s DIY week. Or half term – never can remember what it’s really called these days. Certainly not holiday… Will need a relaxing week’s teaching after all this. Carpentry, wallpapering, re-wiring, insulating… The list goes on. And on.

I remember hearing one David Pawson speak – yup, the guy who wrote ‘Leadership is Male‘ (thankfully ‘Limited Availability’) – who said that he was very happy for people to come and stay with him and his wife, but only if they were prepared to do a day’s work. He backed it up with some proof-text, and claimed he’d deny you your dinner if you hadn’t done enough work. A dinner his wife would doubtless have to have cooked. The same wife who he wouldn’t let pull the switch on an electric chair, though he’d do it himself.

One of those bizarre Christian talks you never forget.

Think I’ve earned my pie tonight anyway.

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One response to “Carpenter from Nazareth Needs Joiners”


    I always liked “Don’t be caught dead without Jesus”.
    And did you hear the sermon that started off with the joke whose punchline is “Repaint you thinners”? You see, I remember the punchline but not the joke or the sermon. God bless you Rev. Keith King, and your oily Baptist hide (I guess that would be ‘watery’ Baptist hide)!!!
    Ooh, ooh… I do like the “Jesus; meek and mild; as if” poster with Christ as Che Guevara, but I do wonder how many churches actually were able to deliver on the follow-up slogan, “check out the real Jesus this Easter at a church near you”.
    (Can I get a yay for Castro?!)