Google Search Added (+html help?)

In the right side-bar.

A few people have been asking for this… Just a way of searching through the blog archives.

PS – can anyone help me get the align correct? The thing needs bumping in a few pixels to line up with the other items, but I can’t work out how. Nothing in the sidebar2 template seems to suggest this list item (ie I pasted the google code into a typepad list, which this template calls) has any different settings…

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7 responses to “Google Search Added (+html help?)”

  1. Kester,
    Probably but not untill tomorrow morning, so if some one can chip in before then, then great, but otherwise I have a look first thing. G

  2. thanks for the search box, and so quickly!
    can you place the whole thing (inc the ‘google’ heading) in a table with only one column & row then set the cell padding to make it match the rest???
    might work…

  3. one technique that might work is to put in a blank image to the right of the box and specify the size in pixels?

  4. Sorted. Thanks Graham. I can sleep easy now 😉

  5. saga arpino

    you boys.
    such geekiness
    giving bloggers a bad name.

  6. Geekiness!!! I avoided posting the solution, but if you realy want to know… …