100 Reasons You Should Be At This Event

Celticsessions_1_1 1. Si Johnston promises me it’s going to be good. And, even though he’s an Anfield boy, I’ll trust him on this. Click his link for further details.

2. Soliton. Worth it.

3. The Craic.

4.-100. Make up for yourself to justify the trip. And then Carbon Neutrailise it. GoLowImpact

Contact Si via his blog (link above) to give him an idea of numbers.

Friday 3rd March. Social.

Saturday 4th March. Sessions 10am – 5:30pm. Meal 1pm

Venue: Kelly’s. Portrush, Northern Ireland

Cost: Gift. (Reason 101)

See you there.


4 responses to “100 Reasons You Should Be At This Event”

  1. Man, if only the commute wasn’t so… deep. Alas, continental drift foils me again! Have fun.

  2. hopefully it will be good…but not as good as when Liverpool spank Man U’s collective footballing buttocks in the FA Cup 😉


    I’ll take this off of my top 10 venues to send by poo-bombing homing pigeons too, then…
    should you be out one day and hear the sound of 1000 flapping wings and 500 “cooo-coooo’s”, be afraid, be Damn afraid;)
    i think of it as my army of Dirty Doves.

  4. looking forward to tipping one back with you K.