Dead Dick


This short sermon clip from Dick Lucas, vicar of St Helen’s, Bishopsgate, just has to be listened to to be believed; had me in stitches and disbelief in equal measure. As Ian said, if he’d made this cock-up, he’d have to leave the job!

(For those aware of the high standing of this most respected of hard-line evangelicals, there is a extremely naughty element of schadenfreude that one probably ought not admit to ;[) )

Thanks to Ship of Fools, and Ian of Moot for posting it.

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3 responses to “Dead Dick”

  1. Not only the unwitting innuendo, he also says “I was praying to myself”.

  2. how does one resusitate a dead dick ?


    Ah, I thought maybe it was Dick Warren.
    Dick Warren before he dicks yer church.