On The Eve

New Year’s Eve.
Christmas Eve.

Funny how the night before is becoming the main event. More and more so in the case of Christmas: the build-up is the event. The actual day is for collapsing, resting…

The Victorians celebrated the birth of the 20th Century on 1st January 1901; always sticklers for decorum. We all popped too early on New Year’s Eve 1999.

More and more we see the thrill of the chase held up as better than the fulfilment.
Which needs adjusting.

So Happy New Year. May it be, rather than just be an exciting anticipation.
God Bless.


3 responses to “On The Eve”

  1. portobelly

    so where’s todays party?!

  2. Exactly! I’d be really up for one, if my head was feeling better 😉

  3. portobelly

    bloody marys all round then