Will the Emerging Church Become a Denomination?

Following on from my post on the subject, Ben has posted some excellent thoughts.

He’s just started his own blog, which I’ve added to my list. Will be good to check out.


2 responses to “Will the Emerging Church Become a Denomination?”

  1. Kester, similar conversation going on here on my blog.

  2. In a post-Christendom and post-Denomination Christianity isn’t that a weird question? It is like saying did the House Church movements of the late twentieth century become denominations? What is a denomination anyway? It is a further sign of the fragmentation of the Christian faith. In the Congregational church in which I am a local minister there are an old school who have wanted to keep up the denominational tag. Many of the emerging generation of leaders see this as totally opposed to the root of our way of church. Independence and local mission gives our existence on the ground its identity. Accountability and relationship on a national and international level is about the integrity of our unity with other Christians.I would have thought that the emerging church would stay well clear of the trappings of the oldline denominations that have suffocated the mission impact in the place it is needed most,locally.