Advent: Journeys and Gifts


Perhaps it was the mixture of darkness, waiting and the great mulled wine afterwards, but Advent was always my favourite time of year at Vaux, and as this will be the first year for about 7 years when we won’t be doing something I thought I’d offer some resources from the services we did on this theme.

Firstly, a link to the liturgy ‘Journeys and Gifts’ from the Vaux archive, which explores the coming incarnation through the 3 traditional gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. In typically obtuse style, the service sheets ended up being triangular. Beautiful, time-consuming and totally unnecessary. Summed a lot of what we did up nicely.

Secondly, a video-liturgy simply entitled ‘Wait’, personally one of my favourites of all the things we produced.

This was filmed one night at the local station (screen-shot above), and is simply a single shot of the bank of 3 platform monitors that the drivers use, plus a remix of Sigur Ros’ Svefn g englar, followed by a liturgy on waiting bouncing off Whitman’s poem ‘finally comes the poet’.

“As Christ waited, waited to be emptied of power self sufficiency, so we should wait.

For one advent, finally shall come the poet, the true son of God, singing songs.”

It’s around 12Mb, but streams nicely over broadband. If you’d like a full-size version on DVD, just get in touch.

Thirdly, a 4-voice meditation which combines themes from the nativity with Rumi’s words “Whoever brought me here will have to take me home.”

4 Voice Meditation


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  1. thankyou

  2. Thank you very much for these resources. Part of all that Vaux achieved was the wealth of ideas that came from such a creative hothouse. As you’ve written about recently, give these away to others like us who are of a lower order of creativity is a sign of the Spirit…. “more Lord”

  3. Love the wait liturgy! What do I have to do to get hold of the DVD version?…really very well done (feel free to email me)

  4. I’ve pretty much finished a DVD of a bunch of Vaux visuals, which I want to make available to people for a minimal fee to cover costs and postage.
    If you want it for this Advent, get back to me and I’ll try to get one out.

  5. …yes please! If you could email address details and costs, I’ll send you a fee for as I’d love to use this for an advent service this year…cheers

  6. yes please old chap…

  7. James Noble

    Vaux DVD? of course! where do I sign?

  8. Thats so nice, would like to buy that… hope that you will send it to scandinavia will of course pay the costs and more
    Thomas Willer
    Dansborg alle 2A
    2650 Hvidovre

  9. OK… I’ll send a paypal request if that’s OK. Then get them out tomorrow?
    International – US$10
    UK – £4
    Basically to cover media, ink & post/packing.
    It’s still technically ‘Beta’, but pretty much a finished product.

  10. K, could you giv a dvd to Dick when u see him and get a fiver off him,hey as he’spaying, ask for a cool 20 quid.

  11. Will do 😉
    And DEMONination. Love it. Kids eh? My guess is Internet beats TV, but a book beats both. And digging an allotment probably trumps all three.
    Keep Klickin’

  12. Great stuff Kester – thanks! I’d love the dvd too (bet you’re wishing you didn’t offer now!) Cheers

  13. A vaux dvd would be a great gift, one I would gladly pay for. Please send me an email when you have one put together. If you need help hosting the large files lets talk, I have a server with a lot of space. Something like bittorrent might be a great way to share multiple dvd quality movies.

  14. Fantastic, I’d love to get a copy of the DVD please email me back with details. Many thanks

  15. This is a great video piece. I’d like to get a copy in the US to use this advent. Please email with details about how to get one. Thanks!

  16. Hi Bob – I’m going to release the DVD proper via Lulu in the next few days. I’ll post something when all done. Be well in time for Advent.

  17. Is the DVD still coming to Lulu? The “wait” is agonizing…

  18. Really sorry – been having massive problems with the ftp with Lulu… Keeps locking out at 685Mb, and ISP troubles on top of that… Grrrr!
    Mail me your details, and we’ll arrange one direct.

  19. Kester, you can drop me a comment at Thanks,

  20. You can now purchase a copy of this video via Lulu: