German Edition Out Now…



Apparently the title didn’t translate very well…

ISBN 3-928093-73-8


Part of an excellent forth-coming series on the Emerging Church by C+P Verlag.

Accompanying website to follow.


5 responses to “German Edition Out Now…”

  1. Sounds like a good name for a Church based reality TV show… better than “Priest Idol” anyway 😉 Congrats on being international!

  2. I like the sound of that… contestants have to roam the Judea countryside performing miracles to collect crystals, which buy them height on the ascensiometer!
    Hope Telford is going well…. Look forward to updates on the TV?

  3. Dana Ames

    In German, “Komplex” is the psychological condition, so you really wouldn’t want that to transliterated after all, I think 🙂
    You can trust the editors on this one.

  4. Nice work Dana – would have been an interesting title!

  5. made me laugh! hope it sells well…