Liturgy for the Dedication of a Child

As requested, (see previous post) the files from the dedication service we wrote. For background info, it was held in a CofE church one Saturday (ie not in a normal service) and was led by the Vicar… It happened literally the day before the last Vaux wake, so was in the Spirit of Vaux, though not run under that name, and we had to work with the Vicar on various bits to make it ‘official’. Politics schmolitics.

One prayer inspired by the New Zealand Prayer Book.

The rest CopyLeft Vaux. [ie feel free to use, but with an appropriate reference, and with some imagination]

1st PDF a full text version. Other 2 the service sheet for info. Service title comes from a Dave Brubeck tune ‘Charles Matthew Hallelujah’, which he wrote on the birth of his first son.

Thanksgiving Liturgy Full

Dedication Service Page 1

Dedication Service Page 2