Trickster No. 2: Bill Drummond


Member of The KLF, author of, among other classics, The Manual, purported burner of a million quid, decimator of art works, potty-mouth and all round cultural subversive…

Drummond is a proper Trickster in Lewis Hyde’s mould, offensive, challenging our perceptions of creativity, pushing back the boundaries of what pop-stars ought to be and how they ought to think… And performing outrageous and highly symbolic acts like burning the sum (£1,000,000) of all our dreams – or apparently doing so, as myth-making around his actions is part of the deal – then touring the film of the flaming notes around the village halls of the North, provoking responses, prodding new thoughts about what the hell money is…

I can’t wait to hear him speak on ‘how to be an artist’ at Greenbelt.


2 responses to “Trickster No. 2: Bill Drummond”

  1. Will he be doing:
    “is god a cunt?”

  2. more pertinently, will God be appearing with ‘Bill Drummond is a cunt’