Complex Christ Blog goes live

I’ve had this blog registered for months, but just been trying to work out the right way and time to use it. I’m hoping blogging will encourage some discourse around the ideas raised in the book in a way that the discussion boards haven’t quite managed.



8 responses to “Complex Christ Blog goes live”

  1. Jackson

    Welcome to the blogsphere!

  2. Perfect timing! Your book is enroute from Amazon and I’m looking forward to reading it on holidays.

  3. Looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

  4. I recently ordered the book, I imagine it is being read by a Canadian customs agent somewhere before he charges me for it but I am looking forward to getting. Welcome to the blogosphere, secret handshake is in the mail!

  5. glad to see that you have started this blog as i just picked up your book for a re-read just 4 days ago. it’ll be good to have a place to pose some questions/ideas that are raised by the re-reading of your book.

  6. Thanks for the welcome – can’t wait for the secret shake!
    Hope the customs don’t spend too long reading it… SPCK are trying to get a US release sorted (German translation being done at the moment) so hopefully that will happen soon.
    Looking forward to some debate soon…

  7. Kester, good to find your blog. Looks like my copy of the book had a smoother trip through customs than Jordon’s (I’m in the US). I’ve been working my way through it over the past few weeks and have been challenged and encouraged by your thinking. I’m looking forward to interacting with you and others in this space.

  8. Glad to hear the books are getting through!
    Thanks, and looking forward to it too…