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This blog is off for a week. Iona. No internet. No phone. No CCTV. No police. Whiskey, northern light, golden sands. And rain probably, but who cares?


Snake on a Plane | In-Flight Mobile Use

Oh dear. The inevitable has happened: someone’s come up with a way for us to use our mobiles when on the plane. “I’M ON THE PLANE” Next up: ‘mobile free areas’ on planes, and stickers telling people to keep their voices down. I think it’s sad, to be honest. Planes were one of those places [...]


Hidden Trees and Weeds | The Interstitial Jesus

I have been reading, sitting quietly with, meditating on Richard Deakin’s wonderful book, Wildwood – A Journey Through Trees. Having previous written of his swims around England, this book is simply a series of reflections on the transformative power of this ‘fifth element’. Much of it is taken with stories of sleeping out in the [...]


Soliton | Signs Book Launch

I’m very pleased to have been asked back to help facilitate the Soliton Sessions 07 in Ventura. If you’re in that part of the world I can’t recommend it highly enough; last summer’s sessions really were one of the highlights of my year. On the Friday night (10th August) we’ll be doing a book launch [...]


Gravity and Grace (2) | Leaving the orbit of a large Mass

In the last post, about Herzog’s new(ish) film The Wild Blue Yonder, I mentioned that much of the footage was shot on a Space Shuttle mission. From the haircuts it looks early ’90s. May be even earlier. That or NASA have some serious fashion issues hanging over. Going into space has always been a huge [...]


Gravity and Grace (1) ¦ Wild Blue Yonder ¦ Living Between Two Oceans

Last night I went with my good friend and doctor of film Gareth Higgins to see Werner Herzog’s latest film ‘The Wild Blue Yonder’. It’s a deeply comic, deeply environmental parable about space travel, aliens, shopping malls, complex math and hyperspace. And quite wonderful for it. Speaking to Gareth afterwards, I mentioned that the path of the [...]


Everything That Is Wrong About Living In The City Can Be Summed Up In Two Words:

Aggressive. Drivers. Technorati: Aggression | Driving


Finally Teleportation is Possible ¦ So That’s How Philip Did it

I’ve always gawped in wonder at the bit in Acts 8 where "the Spirit of the Lord suddenly took Philip away, and the eunuch did not see him again, but went on his way rejoicing. Philip, however, appeared at Azotus". The only teleportation reference in the Bible? Anyway, seems like they’ve finally worked out how [...]


Soliton | Dangerous Living

This weekend I’ll be joining Jonny, Andrew, Si, Gareth, Saga, Pete and others in the Northern Ireland Soliton Sessions. The theme is Dangerous Living. Looking forward to it. More details here. Technorati: soliton | Northern Ireland