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Greenbelt 09 | Christian Piracy | Theology and the New Physics

Really looking forward to being at Greenbelt again this coming weekend. The programme – from the talks to the music to the comedy to the campaigning is as strong as ever and, I feel, has a nice edge to it too. (Full talks listings here) For those who are going to be there, I’m going [...]


The Three Body Problem | Incalcuability

After hearing a chance snippet of something on the radio last week, I’ve been thinking about what is known in Mathematics/Physics/Astronomy as the ‘three body problem.’ It remains one of the great questions in Mathematics as to whether it will ever be solved, or if indeed it actually can be. The essence of the problem [...]


Theology and the New Physics [6] | Heaven Is A [Parallel] Place [not quite] On Earth

Just a final thought to wrap up this series of posts reflecting on some theological implications of the new physics: as I mentioned, one implication of the Many Worlds Interpretation appears to be that of eternal life. The concept of Quantum Suicide suggests that at each ‘quantum moment’ I might die in one universe – [...]


Theology and the New Physics [5] | Many Worlds

New Physics [1] | New Physics [2] | New Physics [3] | New Physics [4] The idea that an external observer was required to ‘collapse the wavefunction’ of reality obviously didn’t sit well with physics, as it seemed to require a ‘big’ external observer to make the universe real. Physicists didn’t like that one bit, [...]


Theology and the New Physics [4] – Reality is a Collapsed Wavefunction

New Physics [1] |  New Phyiscs [2] |  New Physics [3] In the previous post I extended the argument that it is impossible for a person in a n-dimensional universe to observe with any proper perspective an (n+k)-dimensional universe, to propose that the reverse is also true: an observer in a higher dimensional space can [...]


Theology and the New Physics [3] | Engaging The Maze

New Physics [1] |  New Physics [2] In the previous two posts I’ve been trying to explore some of the implications that the ‘new physics’ might have on our theology. It is worth emphasising that I strongly believe that the new physics must have an impact on our theology. If it, or indeed any new [...]


Theology and the New Physics [2] | Dimensions

While quantum theory does nothing towards a proof of God, it does highlight the problem of the extent of our ability to know our own world perfectly. There will always be uncertainty, and this is a humbling thought for scientists and theologians. Another interesting aspect of the new physics is the problem of multidimensionality. Theorists [...]


Theology and the New Physics [1] | Uncertainty

As exemplified by the arguments that science writer Philip Ball has stoked up by daring to criticise The Reason Project (Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris et al.), there are those on both sides who are desperate to draw ever harder lines between science and religion. I strongly believe that these lines are far softer that perhaps we’d [...]