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Religion: No Longer The Dope

There was a ‘spending review’ here in the UK yesterday at which the Chancellor Jeffrey George Osborne announced even more financial austerity over the next few years. At the same time, it was announced that SnapChat was valued at $800m. On a day when economic forecasts were more gloomy than ever and those on benefits [...]


Pirates as Proto-Marxists, and Why This Shouldn’t Give You a ‘Red Alert’

As I build up to coming over the US to speak about Mutiny in about a month’s time – details to follow soon – I’m going to be blogging a bit more about the book, and the wide themes that it covers. Reading Tad Delay’s blog today though, inspired me to mention a perspective on [...]


Is Work Wrong? | Labour, Class and Capital Punishment

Not had much time to post – flat out at work preparing for a school inspection, and reading and writing when I can too. All of which ironically brings me to post about the very idea of work… It starts with rather a good story, which I hope you’ll bear with before I try to [...]


What Exactly is Community? | Gathering Around an Absent Christ

Whilst doing some sessions at St John’s College in Durham recently, the question of what community is was raised. There’s a whole lot of talk about ‘living in community’ and ‘faith communities’ and going out to plant ‘missional communities’ – but whilst a lot is written about what faith and mission may be, there seems [...]


Selling Short: No Christian Should be involved in Spread Betting

A free supplement in The Independent today is all about spread betting: what it is, what the pitfalls are. It was pretty clear: there are potentially huge rewards, but because you can bet whatever money you like on each share, you can actually be exposed to huge losses too. Fine, whatever. But what disgusted me [...]


David Harvey on What Next After Capitalism…

HT to Barry for putting me on to this animation of a short talk by Marx-expert David Harvey. Brilliant.


London Nights | Zizek and Apple

London is continually fascinating. As humans we are always quick to project personalities onto our creations; London the person is complex, darkly funny, steeped in history, welcoming all but criticising many, intelligent, crafty… a heavy drinker who enjoys the night. ‘London Nights‘ looks like a brilliant series of 10 radio programmes, looking at the city [...]


How to be Happy [2] | Out of the ashes of Communism and Christianity

Thanks for the comments on the post about happiness the other day. I’ve been mulling over the idea of happiness, and why we are perhaps the most unhappy society ever, and linking it to a new direction my thinking seems to be being drawn in. As I’ve written before, I’m really interested in the charred [...]


New Year, New Focus | Red Apple, Green Apple

Last year was about writing the book, due out in June. There’ll be more of that here in good time. But I think it’s clearer now what this year’s focus could be. From some of the embers of Vaux a few of us began Apple, a series of conversations around ideas of technology and theology. [...]