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Tombs for Gods Who Once Spoke

Tombs For Gods Who Once Spoke Temples, churches, mosques, you great piles of stones gathered against entropy, the fruits of hard labour, gathering moss in the rain and reaching, always reaching high to poke the underbelly of heaven. In all my travels, in all the steps I’ve climbed and candle-lit interiors, heavy with incense and [...]


Evangelicals have a God of Small (and Mundane) Things?

Great piece in The Guardian today about trying to get God out of a funeral… and finding that ‘He’ (sic) turns up nonetheless. She may not have wanted Him at her funeral, but she needed Him. My sister, born in England in 1949, a singer of hymns in her primary school, grew up with Him. [...]


An Emerged Theology: Can We Actually Say Anything about God?

Nice bit of banter going on between Tony Jones and Pete Rollins, where Tony challenged Pete to ‘give up atheism for Lent’. Outlining what this might look like, he requests: I’d like Pete to post some beautiful, flowery prayers on his blog. I’d like Pete to make some conclusive claims about the characteristics of God. [...]


The Gods Stoop to Touch Us | Loving David Beckham | Pete Ward’s New Book

Very interesting story creeping up the ‘most read’ lists on the BBC today: David Beckham stopped to help someone who’s car had broken down on the A10. The man blessed by this appearance professed to be ‘in absolute awe’ that Beckham himself had stooped to help him when his Nissan Primera broke down: He asked [...]


What Exactly is Community? | Gathering Around an Absent Christ

Whilst doing some sessions at St John’s College in Durham recently, the question of what community is was raised. There’s a whole lot of talk about ‘living in community’ and ‘faith communities’ and going out to plant ‘missional communities’ – but whilst a lot is written about what faith and mission may be, there seems [...]


God Growing Up? – A Question from Other

Always interested to hear from people who’ve read the book – and I’m always pleased to respond to questions it may have raised too. One from the other day: I was very intrigued by your premise of a linear narrative of the way humanity’s relationship with God changes over time and even more by the [...]


Befriending Hitler… Befriending a Sociopathic God

In the previous post we considered the adage that ‘an enemy is simply a friend whose story I have not yet heard.’ In his book First As Tragedy, Then As Farce, Zizek critiques this, using the example of Hitler, questioning whether it would be right to befriend him: “Is one then also ready to affirm [...]


Advent[ures] in #Incarnation [4] | God Looks From the Distorting Human Perspective

Whenever we engage ‘the other’ we have to overcome our fear of doing so. Engagement that holds no such fear is not engagement with an ‘other’; it is easy to love what is lovely – we are called to overcome our fear and love that which is not. As we consider the grounds of the [...]


Theology and the New Physics [3] | Engaging The Maze

New Physics [1] |  New Physics [2] In the previous two posts I’ve been trying to explore some of the implications that the ‘new physics’ might have on our theology. It is worth emphasising that I strongly believe that the new physics must have an impact on our theology. If it, or indeed any new [...]